Rock Face Block ~Rebuilding America One Block at a Time~

We hand tamp to order, original patterns for older foundations, walls, & for new & historic or replacement projects. Call us to order Rock Face Block (518) 279-1496  

Original Rockface blocks the way they were made 100 yrs ago

Original panel faced blocks

3 styles of block 8x8x16

We make original patterns of  Rock Face Blocks  with original machines !- 8X8X16 & larger.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

panel block 8x8x16

Historic Vintage Rock Face Blocks

More Samples


We have machines for most block patterns. Call  to see if we have the right Rock Face Block pattern for the job, at (518) 279-1496!


Go to: to inquire about Vintage, Historic, Original Rock Face Block


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We look forward to serving your Historic, (original) Rock Face Block needs at (518) 279-1496 or email us at

Historic Rock Fack Block

(518) 279-1496


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